OIM Controlling Emergencies Assessment (OPITO)

Target Group
This assessment program is designed for Offshore Installation Managers (OIM), Superintendents and Persons In Charge (PIC) who are designated as Incident Managers in Controlling Emergencies on Offshore Installations.

Course Objectives
To review documentary evidence sufficient for the OPITO standard in:

Element 1.1- Maintain a State of Readiness

To assess through practical simulation the OPITO standard in:

Element 1.2- Assess Situation and Take Effective Action

Element 1.3- Maintain Communications

Element 1.4- Delegate Authority to Act

Element 1.5- Manage Individual and Team Performance

Element 1.6- Deal with Stress in Self and Others

Course Outline
Exercise Scenarios for the assessment will be taken from the following generic list:-
• Well control incident
• Explosion and fire
• Accommodation fire
• Helicopter incident
• Pipeline incident
• Collision or wave damage causing structural collapse
• Loss of stability (floating installations) Each of the exercises will have a level of difficulty, assessors will observe the exercises and gather raw evidence on the candidates performance, this evidence will then be converted into specific comments, recommendations and ratings against each performance criteria, and the exercise as a whole.

Course Duration
2 days

No expiry date

Pre Course Requirement
Delegates should hold the position of Offshore Installation Manager, Deputy Offshore Installation Manager or designated to hold these positions dependent on assessment outcome and prior learning achievements. It is preferred that all delegates have attended an introduction to Management of Major Emergency course previously. Sufficient additional personnel need to attend to facilitate the make-up of the other key members of the control room. Proficiency in written and spoken English is a must.

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