Further Offshore Emergency Training including Additional Norwegian Oil and Gas Modules and Travel Safely by Boat (OPITO)

Target Group
This OPITO approved course is designed for all personnel working on offshore installations and are required to travel by boat.


Course Objectives
During the course participants will gain further understanding and awareness of emergency response procedures on offshore installations and the safety procedures associated with traveling by boat and safely transferring to or from an offshore installation.
* This course is accepted by OLF but it is not OLF approved.

Course Outline
Helicopter Emergency Procedures
Norwegian Helicopter Suit with Re-breather
Donning of Helicopter Survival Suit and Aviation Lifejacket
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
Emergency Breathing System Exercises (EBS)
In - Water Survival Techniques
Skyscape Evacuation Training
Helicopter Winching
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Blanket / Small Bore Fire Hose Reel
Self Rescue using Smoke Hood
Self Rescue using Escape Type Breathing Apparatus
Boat Boarding procedure, transfer methods, and practical boat transfer exercises
Basic Emergency First Aid

Course Duration
1 day


4 years


Pre Course Requirement
All participants must be in possession of a valid medical certificate and a valid OPITO approved BOSIET (ER1P) or FOET (ER3PR) certificate.

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