Fire Team Development (ER35)

Target Group
This course is designed to provide personnel designated as fire team members with thorough knowledge and skills for undertaking control of fire fighting operations with emphasis on organization, tactics and command.

Course Objectives
During the course participants will gain knowledge on operating fire fighting and fire protection equipment and dealing with various fire situations by applying strategic and tactical procedures.

Course Outline
Fire Theory
Strategic and Tactical Procedures
Leadership and Discipline
Human Behavior under Stress
Breathing Apparatus Procedures
Fire Fighting Equipment
Extinguishing Methods in Different Facilities
Fires in Pressurized Liquids and Gases
Gases and Hazardous Atmospheres
Hazardous Substances
Special Risk Areas
Realistic Live Fire Fighting Scenarios

Course Duration
2 days

3 years

Pre Course Requirement
All participants must be in possession of a valid medical certificate.

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