Emergency Response Training Courses

Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training including additional NOG Modules (BOSIET) (OPITO Approved) (ER1P)BOSIET including additional NOG Modules and Travel Safely By Boat (TSBB) (OPITO Approved) (ER1PB)Tropical BOSIET (TBOSIET) (OPITO Approved) (ER2P)TBOSIET with EBS and TSBB (ER2PEB)​
TBOSIET with EBS (OPITO Approved) (ER2PE)TBOSIET with TSBB (OPITO Approved) (ER2PB)Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) including additional NOG Modules (OPITO Approved) (ER3PR)FOET including additional NOG Modules  and TSBB (OPITO Approved) (ER3PRB)Tropical FOET (TPOET) (OPITO Approved) (ER4PR)TFOET with EBS (OPITO Approved) (ER4PRE)TFOET including TSSB (OPITO Approved) (ER4PR(B))Combined Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting & Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) EBS (ER5C)Basic Offshore Safety Training (BOST) (Combined Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting & HUET) (ER5W)Combined Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire FIghting, HUET/EBS Cold Water Refresher (ER6CR)BOST Refresher (Combined Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting & HUET Refresher) (ER6WR)Combined Sea Survival, First Aid and Fire Fighting (ER7)​UK-BOSIET Bridging course (OPITO) (ER13)​
Tropical HUET (ER14TP)Tropical HUET including EBS (ER14TPE)HUET including EBS (ER14PE)Basic Emergency First Aid (ER15)Advanced Emergency First Aid (ER16)Basic Offshore Induction (ER17)Basic Fire Fighting (ER18)Basic Sea Survival (ER19)Travel Safely by Boat (ER20P)Offshore Lifeboat Coxwain (OPITO)(ER21P)Fast Rescue Boat Coxswain (ER26)Fast Rescue Boat Coxswain Refresher (ER27)Breathing Apparatus Wearer (ER34)Fire Team Development (ER35)On Scene Commander (ER36)Fire Warden (ER37)HAZMAT (ER38)Oxygen Resuscitator (ER39)Awareness in Management of Major Emergencies (MOME) (ER40)Onshore MOME (ER41)MOME (ER42)MOME Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Assessment (ER44P)Emergency Response Communication (ER45)Fire and Emergency Response Team Member (ER48)

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